Council of Nephilim


Welcome to the Council of Nephilim!

You've found the homepage of the TSW multifaction cabal that helps players to learn every piece of the game in a friendly group.

Cabal Leaders

Templar Leader
Illuminati Leader
Dragon Leader

What we're about

The Council of Nephilim is all about teaching and learning. We support everything from taking the time to explain how gear works and showing new players their first dungeon run to endgame dungeons and nightmare raids. Our primary focus is not on high performance, but on friendliness and support.

Achieving ever higher goals, aquiring increasingly powerful gear and doing the highest damage possible are common goals in games like TSW. However, many people like to focus on the social aspect of the game. The Sanctuary Initiative has shown that, in TSW more than in most games, there are people who enjoy sharing their skill, knowledge and time with newer players in order to help others have more fun in the game.

The Council of Nephilim is a place for these players and the ones who like to play with them. It's about teaching, learning and improving your character and yourself in the game.

Join us now and play with - or become - a Nephilim; a player others can rely on.

Contact us

You can contact us ingame in our chat channel #CoN.
/chat join CoN

We're mostly using Discord for our communication. Feel free to visit us!
(What's Discord?)

Our application system is currently unavailable.

You can still join, though. Please contact a cabal member for more informations.